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At the In Vivo Cellular and Molecular Imaging (ICMI) Lab of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), we have centralized multiple small animal imaging modalities including MicroSPECT, MicroPET, MRI, Optical imaging, MicroCT and Ultrasound together with a unit for probe development and a vivarium for the housing of animals in one laboratory. Different research teams collaborate in an interdisciplinary research effort which encompasses the development and validation of innovative core technologies, their applications in preclinical translational research and the introduction of these emerging technologies into clinical diagnostic imaging practice.

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November 20th 2017: Article BRUZZ.be: ‘Camel blood to fight cancer? This VUB spin-off is getting amazing results’

November 17th 2017: Article VRT.be: ‘Kikkers gebruiken moleculen als micro-giftanden om roofdieren te vergiftigen’
ICMI contributes to the unraveling of how poisonous frogs defend themselves against attacking predators. Congratulations to the team of Prof. Kim Roelants with their Nature paper!

October 24th 2017: Interview Mens & Molecule: ‘Tumorcellen in zicht’

October 22nd 2017: EANM Congress 2017
Yana Dekempeneer presented her work on astatinated nanobodies in the Alpha therapy session at EANM Vienna.

October 17th 2017: Article De Tijd: ‘Kanker bestrijden met elektrische fietsjes in het bloed’

June 26th 2017: PhD Defense Kris Gillis
Kris Gillis defended his PhD. Congratulations Kris!

May 31st 2017: TAT Congress 2017
Yana Dekempeneer received a travel award and presented her research during an oral presentation at the TAT Conference.
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May 15th 2017: BELNUC Congress 2017
Koen Salvo receives best abstract award at BELNUC 2017. Congratulations Koen!


May 13th 2017: Kom op tegen Kanker Grants 2017
Sophie Hernot, Matthias D’huyvetter & Marleen Keyaerts received a Kom op tegen Kanker Grant. Congratulations!

April 5th - 7th 2017: EMIM 2017 Cologne
Pieterjan Debie, Katrijn Broos and Nick Devoogdt presented by research during an oral presentation. Ahmet Krasniqi presented his poster. Vice-president of ESMI and the EMIM Conference was Tony Lahoutte.

March 30th 2017: Interview Kanaal Z: ‘Lama-antistoffen in de strijd tegen kanker’

20170328 Oral Presentation Award Ahmet Krasniqi PhD Day Jette 2017

March 28th 2017: Ahmet Krasniqi received the Award for Best Oral Presentation at the VUB PhD Day Jette
Congratulations Ahmet!

20170323 Yana Dekempeneer SCK-CEN Prinses Astrid

March 23rd 2017: Poster Presentation Yana Dekempeneer at SCK-CEN

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March 20th - 23rd 2018: EMIM San Sebastian, Spain
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