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At the In Vivo Cellular and Molecular Imaging (ICMI) Lab of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), we have centralized multiple small animal imaging modalities including MicroSPECT, MicroPET, MRI, Optical imaging, MicroCT and Ultrasound together with a unit for probe development and a vivarium for the housing of animals in one laboratory. Different research teams collaborate in an interdisciplinary research effort which encompasses the development and validation of innovative core technologies, their applications in preclinical translational research and the introduction of these emerging technologies into clinical diagnostic imaging practice.

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March 30th 2017: Interview Kanaal Z: ‘Lama-antistoffen in de strijd tegen kanker’

20170328 Oral Presentation Award Ahmet Krasniqi PhD Day Jette 2017

March 28th 2017: Ahmet Krasniqi received the Award for Best Oral Presentation at the VUB PhD Day Jette
Congratulations Ahmet!

20170323 Yana Dekempeneer SCK-CEN Prinses Astrid

March 23rd 2017: Poster Presentation Yana Dekempeneer at SCK-CEN

January 12th 2017: Francqui-Collen Inauguration Lecture Michael Zalutsky
Announcement Inauguration

20161214 INCOVO Prijs Kankeronderzoek Yana Dekempeneer

December 12th 2016: Yana Dekempeneer received the ‘INCOVO Prijs Kankeronderzoek’. Congratulations Yana!

December 2016: National Geographic - Nuclear Lifeline

November 16th 2016: Pieterjan Debie received the ‘Prijs Kankeronderzoek’. Congratulations Pieterjan!

September 19th 2016: Seminar Dr. Arkadiusz Sitek (Philips Research, Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Travel Stipend Ahmet Krasniqi WMIC 2016

September 7th 2016: Travel Stipend for World Molecular Imaging Conference (WMIC) - New York, USA
Ahmet Krasniqi received WMIC 2016 travel stipend.
Congratulations Ahmet!

Travel Stipend WMIC 2016

May 24th 2016: 60th Birthday Editorial Board of Physics in Medicine and Biology
To commemorate its 60th birthday, the Editorial Board of Physics in Medicine and Biology has selected 25 of the thousands of important works published in PMB since 1957, that they felt have had a particular impact on the development of the field. The most recent among the selected works is the 2012 paper ‘Time-of-flight PET data determine the attenuation sonogram up to a constant’ by Michel Defrise (ICMI, VUB) , Ahmet Rezaei and Johan Nuyts (Department Nuclear Medicine, KULeuven). An overview of the 25 papers can be found here.

May 23rd - 25th 2016: Best Oral Presentation presented by Students PSMR 2016
Koen Salvo received the ‘Best Oral Presentation presented by Students’ Award at the 5th Conference on PET/MR and SPECT/MR (PSMR 2016) in Cologne-Germany.

April 22nd 2016: Public PhD Defense Sam Massa
Sam Massa defended his PhD thesis ‘Site-specific labeling of nanobody-based radioimmunotracers on the road to pancreatic beta cell targeting‘. Congratulations Sam!

April 15th - 17th 2016: Teambuilding Weekend
During the third weekend of April the ICMI team went to the Netherlands for their second Teambuilding event!
Teambuilding 2016-18

April 20th 2016: RTBF News ‘Camel-IDS: Cellules de lama pour soigner le cancer’

April 20th 2016: Fadila Laanan (PS), Secretary of State for the Brussels Region visits Camel-IDS

March 24th 2016: Public PhD Defense Anneleen Blykers
Anneleen Blykers defended her PhD thesis ‘Immuno-PET imaging of cancer using small antibody fragments: Development and preclinical validation of 18F-radiolabeled Nanobodies towards personalised medicine‘. Congratulations Anneleen!

February 5th 2016: TOPIM 2016
ESMI organized his TOPIM conference in Les Houches. Isabel Remory and Sophie Hernot were also present for this ‘Cardiovascular Imaging’ Meeting.

January 18th 2016: Yana Dekempeneer received a Kom op Tegen Kanker Grant (Article: De Zemstenaar)
20160118 De Zemstenaar KOTK Yana Dekempeneer

December 26th 2015: Marleen Keyaerts received a Kom op Tegen Kanker Grant (Article: Het Nieuwsblad)
20151226 Het Nieuwsblad - Team K

November 28th 2015: Yana Dekempeneer received a Kom op Tegen Kanker Grant (Article: Het Nieuwsblad)
20151128 KOTK Yana Dekempeneer

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