Animal models

Xenografts in nude mice/rats:
  • HER2:
MDA-MB-435D: HER2- breast carcinoma (Geert Berx – Ugent)
SK – OV - 3: HER2+++ ovarian carcinoma (ATCC)
LS174T: HER2++ colon carcinoma (ATCC)
BT - 474: HER2+++ breast carcinoma (ATCC)
SKBR3: HER2+++ breast carcinoma (ATCC)
MCF-7: HER2+ breast carcinoma (ATCC)
  • EGFR:
A431: EGFR+++ epidermoid carcinoma (EpoGmbh)
R1M: EGFR- rhabdomyosarcoma (ATCC)
DU145: EGFR+ prostate carcinoma (K. Thielemans – VUB)
  • CEA:
LS174T: CEA+++ colon carcinoma (ATCC)
A431: CEA- epidermoid carcinoma (EpoGmbh)

C57BL6 WT versus C57Bl6 MMR-deficient (Etienne Pays – ULB):
  • With or without 3LL-R s.c. tumor: Lewis lung carcinoma (P. De Baetselier – VUB)
  • To monitor specificity of MMR+ macrophage targeting by MMR Nanobody

C57BL6 WT versus CCR2-KO (Frank Tacke – Aachen University Germany):
  • With or without 3LL-R tumor
  • CCR-KO mice have less macrophages in the tumor

Balb/c WT mice with TS/A mouse breast carcinoma (s.c. or mammary fat pads):
  • Develop breast carcinomas with infiltrating, MMR+ macrophages

PyMT mice (Massimiliano Mazzone, KU Leuven):
  • Spontaneously develop breast carcinomas with infiltrating, MMR+ macrophages

DBA/1 mice injected with chicken collagen and Freunds adjuvans (Patrick Matthys, KULeuven):

  • Develop signs of artritis

Wistar rats infected i.p. with Trypanosoma brucei brucei AnTat1.1E strain (Guy Caljon – ITM Antwerp):

  • Develop encephalitic sleeping sickness and opening of blood-brain-barrier after 1 month
  • To monitor crossing of blood-brain-barrier by nanobodies ( with brain-implanted dialysis membranes)

X-linked Ins-DTR mice (Luc Bouwens – VUB):
  • After treatment with Diphtheria toxin, mice either loose 100% or 50% of pancreatic beta cells
  • To monitor targeting by exendin compounds or targeting nanobodies

Mice injected with albumine together with either alum or complete Freunds adjuvans (Johan Grooten – UGent):

  • Leads to experimental asthma or experimental hypersensitivity pneumonitis
  • To monitor targeting with anti-PDL1 or anti-PDL2 nanobodies

C57BL6 mice i.v. or intraosseous injected with either 5T2 or 5T33 multiple myeloma (Karin Vanderkerken – VUB):

  • To perform imaging with anti-idiotype nanobodies

ApoE-/- mice on a Western diet for 20-30 weeks: 
  • TD.88137 Adjusted Calories Diet (42% from fat)
  • To investigate atherosclerosis

Male wistar rats:
  • i.p. injection of vitamine D for cardiovascular calcifications
  • Adenine diet for kidney insufficience with secundary hyperparathyroidy and cardiovascular calcifications