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Uitvoering celbindingsproeven van nieuwe probes in vitro

  • HERcell 150 Incubator (Thermo Fisher)

The HERAcell is a CO2 incubator for cell and tissue culture with a volume of 150 l. It contains a patented humidity system with rapid recovery times that provides optimal growth conditions and protects cultures from drying out. It is provided with a decontamination procedure which is proven to eliminate contaminating organisms including mycoplasma.

We use the incubator to culture following cell lines:

  • HER2:
MDA-MB-435D: Breast Carcinoma (Geert Berx – Ugent)
SK – OV - 3: Ovarian Carcinoma (ATCC)
LS174T: Colon Carcinoma (ATCC)
BT - 474: Breast Carcinoma (ATCC)
SKBR3: Breast Carcinoma (ATCC)
MCF-7: Breast Carcinoma (ATCC)
  • EGFR:
A431: Epidermoid Carcinoma (EpoGmbh)
R1M: Rhabdomyosarcoma (ATCC)
DU145: Prostate Carcinoma (K. Thielemans – VUB)
  • CEA:
LS174T: Colon Carcinoma (ATCC)
A431: Epidermoid Carcinoma (EpoGmbh)
  • MMR:
3LLR: Lewis Lung Carcinoma (P. De Baetselier – VUB)
  • Multiple Myeloma Paraprotein:
5T2: Multiple Myeloma (K. Vanderkerken - VUB)
5T33: Multiple Myeloma (K. Vanderkerken - VUB)

  • Laminar Flow
Laminar Flow

  • Microscope

  • Microtoom

  • Phosphor Imager Cyclone (GE Healthcare)
  • Fluorescence Microscope