Lab animal unit

New Animal Facility

The animals are kept in an individual ventilated cage unit, TouchSLIMLineTM.
This unit has adjustable airflow and you can select the pressure values.
It keeps continuously a positive pressure barrier that protects the animals from outside micro-organisms and also limits the expulsion of allergens to a minimum (Bio-exclusion).
The IVC unit also keeps continuously a negative pressure barrier that isolates the animals in the cages from the external environment and limits the inflow of micro-organisms to a minimum (Bio-containment).
Our IVC unit contains 2 racks.
The first rack (left on the image) contains 70 mouse cages (500cm2/cage). Each cage can hold maximum 4 mice.
The second rack (right on the image) contains 20 cages (1500cm2/cage). These cages can hold maximum 10 mice or maximum 4 rats (250g bodyweight).

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