Software and tools

Siemens eCAM dual-camera SPECT system, equipped with (locally designed) multi-pinhole collimator, dedicated to small-animal imaging. Images are reconstructed with ordered subset expectation maximization, including attenuation and scatter correction. Reconstructed voxel sizes range down to 0.5 mm. Reconstructions are performed on an eight-core (2 Quad-core) Mac Pro using Xgrid.

Skyscan 1178 high-throughput micro-CT scanner, with a 1280 1024 pixel detector, providing reconstructed isotropic voxels down to 83 m. Micro-CT images are fused with the micro-SPECT images for localization, attenuation and scatter correction.

Philips Gemini TF64 PET-CT with 64-slice CT and time-of-flight capability, providing 1 1 mm2, 2mm slice thickness CT images and 2mm isotropic voxels for PET.

Image analysis is performed with:

  • A Medical Image Data Examiner (AMIDE)
  • Osirix
  • ImageJ

Micro Deluxe (Jaszcak) Phantom (Data Spectrum, Hillsborough, NC, USA), with both hot-rod and cold-rod inserts.

Dedicated (locally designed) micro-CT phantom, with a resolution (wire) section, a linearity section, as well as a dosimetry section.