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October 22nd 2017: EANM Congress 2017
Yana Dekempeneer presented her work on astatinated nanobodies in the Alpha therapy session at EANM Vienna.

May 31st 2017: TAT Congress 2017
Yana Dekempeneer received a travel award and presented her research during an oral presentation at the TAT Conference.
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May 15th 2017: BELNUC Congress 2017
Koen Salvo receives best abstract award at BELNUC 2017. Congratulations Koen!

April 5th - 7th 2017: EMIM 2017 Cologne
Pieterjan Debie, Katrijn Broos and Nick Devoogdt presented by research during an oral presentation. Ahmet Krasniqi presented his poster. Vice-president of ESMI and the EMIM Conference was Tony Lahoutte.

20170328 Oral Presentation Award Ahmet Krasniqi PhD Day Jette 2017

March 28th 2017: Ahmet Krasniqi received the Award for Best Oral Presentation at the VUB PhD Day Jette
Congratulations Ahmet!

20170323 Yana Dekempeneer SCK-CEN Prinses Astrid

March 23rd 2017: Poster Presentation Yana Dekempeneer at SCK-CEN

20161214 INCOVO Prijs Kankeronderzoek Yana Dekempeneer

December 12th 2016: Yana Dekempeneer received the ‘INCOVO Prijs Kankeronderzoek’. Congratulations Yana!

November 16th 2016: Pieterjan Debie received the ‘Prijs Kankeronderzoek’. Congratulations Pieterjan!

Travel Stipend Ahmet Krasniqi WMIC 2016

September 7th 2016: Travel Stipend for World Molecular Imaging Conference (WMIC) - New York, USA
Ahmet Krasniqi received WMIC 2016 travel stipend.
Congratulations Ahmet!

Travel Stipend WMIC 2016

May 24th 2016: 60th Birthday Editorial Board of Physics in Medicine and Biology
To commemorate its 60th birthday, the Editorial Board of Physics in Medicine and Biology has selected 25 of the thousands of important works published in PMB since 1957, that they felt have had a particular impact on the development of the field. The most recent among the selected works is the 2012 paper ‘Time-of-flight PET data determine the attenuation sonogram up to a constant’ by Michel Defrise (ICMI, VUB) , Ahmet Rezaei and Johan Nuyts (Department Nuclear Medicine, KULeuven). An overview of the 25 papers can be found here.

May 23rd - 25th 2016: Best Oral Presentation presented by Students PSMR 2016
Koen Salvo received the ‘Best Oral Presentation presented by Students’ Award at the 5th Conference on PET/MR and SPECT/MR (PSMR 2016) in Cologne-Germany.

April 22nd 2016: Public PhD Defense Sam Massa
Sam Massa defended his PhD thesis ‘Site-specific labeling of nanobody-based radioimmunotracers on the road to pancreatic beta cell targeting‘. Congratulations Sam!

April 15th - 17th 2016: Teambuilding Weekend
During the third weekend of April the ICMI team went to the Netherlands for their second Teambuilding event!
Teambuilding 2016-18

March 24th 2016: Public PhD Defense Anneleen Blykers
Anneleen Blykers defended her PhD thesis ‘Immuno-PET imaging of cancer using small antibody fragments: Development and preclinical validation of 18F-radiolabeled Nanobodies towards personalised medicine‘. Congratulations Anneleen!

February 5th 2016: TOPIM 2016
ESMI organized his TOPIM conference in Les Houches. Isabel Remory and Sophie Hernot were also present for this ‘Cardiovascular Imaging’ Meeting.

20150510 Sam Massa Belnuc Poster Award
May 10th 2015: Belnuc 2015
Sam Massa received the poster award at the Belnuc meeting in Maastricht. Congratulations Sam!

20150422 Sam Massa opens BMIC Meeting 2015
April 22nd 2015: Belgian Molecular Imaging Congress
Sam Massa opens the BMIC Congress as president of BMIC 2015.

March 17th-20th 2015: EMIM Tübingen, Germany
Lode Goethals gave an invited talk at the EMIM meeting. Sam Massa had to present for an oral presentation, which was selected for the Young Investigators Award Finals. Anneleen Blykers presented her poster in collaboration with the University of Manchester. Tony Lahoutte was moderator at the conference.
20150319 Invited Talk EMIM Lode Goethals 20150319 Posterpresentatie EMIM Anneleen Blykers (Results Manchester) 20150319 Presentatie EMIM Sam Massa
20150320 Sam Massa YIA Finalist EMIM Tubingen 20150318 Tony Lahoutte Moderator EMIM Tubingen

20150206 TOPIM Les Houches
February 6th 2015: TOPIM 2015
ESMI organized his TOPIM conference in Les Houches. Anneleen Blykers, Gezim Bala and Nick Devoogdt were also present for this ‘Imaging Inflammation’ Meeting.

20150119 Fonds_Charcot_2015_b_0
January 19th 2015: Charcot Research Fund
Lode Goethals was awarded by the Charcot Research Fund. Congratulations Lode!

January 16th 2015: Aftermovie Tour of Hope
The VUBUZZ-team is very noticeable in the aftermovie of the ‘Tour of Hope’ event, which they use to announce the new event ‘Bike for Hope’.

20141204 YIA Gezim Bala @ EuroEcho

December 6th 2014: Young Investigators Award EuroEcho Conference
Gezim Bala received the Young Investigators Award at the EuroEcho Conference. Congratulations Gezim!

December 4th 2014: Awarding Ceremony Stichting tegen Kanker Grants
Catarina Xavier (Research Project) and Lode Goethals (Senior Clinical Investigator Mandate) received a Stichting tegen Kanker Grant. Congratulations Catarina & Lode!

October 29th 2014: Tony Lahoutte gave an interview on ‘VTM Nieuws’ about the development of nanoparticles as a diagnostic tool for cancer

Bekijk meer video's van vtmnieuws op

20141023 Roger Van Geen Award Tony Lahoutte

October 23rd 2014: Tony Lahoutte received the Roger Van Geen Award
Congratulations Tony!

20140929 PhD Defense Jens De Vos

September 30th 2014: Public PhD Defense Jens De Vos
Jens De Vos defended his PhD thesis ‘Non-invasive in vivo imaging of atherosclerotic plaques using camelid single-domain antibody fragments as molecular tracers‘. Congratulations Jens!

20140930 PhD Defense Matthias D'huyvetter

September 29th 2014: Public PhD Defense Matthias D’huyvetter
Matthias D’huyvetter defended his PhD thesis ‘Radiolabeled nanobodies as theranostic tools in targeted radionuclide therapy of cancer’. Congratulations Matthias!

2014 WMIC Seoul

September 17th-20th 2014: WMIC Seoul
Old and new collaborations at the World Molecular Imaging Conference in Seoul, Korea.

July 3th-5th 2014: Tour of Hope
ICMI Brussels supported the fight against cancer by accepting the ‘Tour of Hope’ challenge to beat the Alpes (5 cols) in cooperation with the Stichting tegen Kanker. We would like to thank everybody who supported our VUBUZZ team!


May 13th 2014: Public PhD Defense Bram Roossens
Bram Roossens defended his PhD thesis ‘Calibrated integrated backscatter for the quantitative assessment of calcific aortic valve disease in rats’. Congratulations Bram!


April 2014: Hercules III Grant
The ICMI Lab received the Hercules III Grant for a new PET/SPECT/CT/MRI camera!


March 31st 2014: Public PhD Defence Lode Goethals
Lode Goethals defended his PhD thesis 'Quantitative Functional Cardiac Imaging using Small Animal SPECT' . Congratulations Lode!

20140127 Pfizer Educational Grant 2013 Lode Goethals kopie

January 27th 2014: Pfizer Educational Grant 2013
Lode Goethals received the Pfizer Educational Grant. Congratulations Lode!

November 4th 2013: ICMI received two VLK Grants
Sophie Hernot and Matthias D’huyvetter received both a VLK grant for their research work (Promotor Tony Lahoutte).

October 24st 2013: 3th IBA Synthera® Users Meeting, Denmark
Ilse Vaneycken was invited as moderator for the 3rh IBA Synthera® Users meeting.
2013 10 Foto IBA Synthera Users Meeting - Moderator Ilse Vaneycken

IBA - Reportage

October 21st 2013: IBA Users Meeting, EANM Lyon
Vicky Caveliers was an invited speaker at the IBA Users Meeting at EANM Lyon.


May 28th 2013: European Molecular Imaging Meeting (EMIM) - Turin, Italy
Gezim Bala received the award for best poster presentation at the European Molecular Imaging Meeting in Turin (EMIM). Congratulations Gezim!


March 21st 2013: Belgian Molecular Imaging Congress (BMIC) - Leuven, Belgium
Sam Massa received the award for best oral presentation at the Belgian Molecular Imaging Congress (BMIC). Congratulations Sam!

January 30th 2013: Matthias D’huyvetter Laureate Fonds Germaine Eisendrath Dubois (FGED) award 2012.
Congratulations Matthias!

November 24th 2012: Marleen Keyaerts Laureate ‘Pfizer Educational Grant’

20121028 IBA Award Beste Scientific Paper EANM MIlaan
October 28th 2012: European Associaton of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) Meeting - Milan, Italy

Ilse Vaneycken & Catarina Xavier receives the IBA Award for the Best Scientific Paper on IBA Chemistry. Congratulations Ilse & Catarina!

20121004 Uitreiking VLK beurzen Frank Deboosere en Vicky Caveliers

October 4th 2012: Grant Vlaamse Liga tegen Kanker (VLK)

Vicky Caveliers receives a VLK (Vlaamse Liga tegen Kanker) Grant.
Congratulations Vicky!

September 7th 2012: Travel Stipend for World Molecular Imaging Conference (WMIC) - Dublin, Ireland

Matthias D’huyvetter received WMIC 2012 travel stipend.
Congratulations Matthias!

September 5th - 8th 2012: World Molecular Imaging Conference (WMIC) - Dublin, Ireland

Almost the whole ICMI team was present at WMIC 2012 in Dublin, Ireland. Some of them presented their work with an oral presentation or a poster presentation:

  • Nick Devoogdt: ‘Monoclonal Antibodies, Antibody Fragments and Peptides’ - Speaker at Educational Session ‘Biologicals’
  • Tony Lahoutte: Chair at Educational Session ‘Biologicals’
  • Catarina Xavier: ’Synthesis, preclinical validation and toxicology of 68Ga-NOTA-Anti-HER2 Nanobodies for iPET imaging of HER2 receptor expression in cancer’ - Selected Speaker for Oral Presentation
  • Gezim Bala: ‘Near-Infrared Fluorescently Labeled Anti-HER2 Nanobody as Tracer for Optical Imaging of HER2 Expression’ - Poster Presentation
  • Sam Massa: ‘Site-specific labeling of Nanobody-based imaging probes’ - Selected for Poster Award
  • Jens De Vos: ‘LOX-1 targeting Nanobodies for SPECT Imaging of Atherosclerosis’ - Poster Presentation
  • Matthias D’huyvetter: ‘Evaluation of bivalent antiHER2 Nanobody constructs for improved cellular retention and in vivo tumor targeting’ - Selected for Poster Award
  • Anneleen Blykers: ‘Optimization of the automated synthesis of 18F-labeled compounds using the SynthERA platform’ - Poster Presentation
    P1100309 P1100312 P1100584 P1100602 P1100523 P1100537 P1100532 P1100355

April 27th 2012: 16th European Symposium on Radiopharmacy and Radiopharmaceuticals (ESRR)
20120427 2 16th European Symposium on Radiopharmacy and Radiopharmaceuticals (ESRR) Nantes - 16-29 April 2012 - Anneleen Blykers

Anneleen Blykers was invited to give a presentation with the title ‘Optimization of the automated synthesis of 18F-labeled compounds using the Synthera® platform’ on the European Symposium on Radiopharmacy and Radiopharmaceuticals in Nantes, France.
20120427 1 16th European Symposium on Radiopharmacy and Radiopharmaceuticals (ESRR) Nantes - 16-29 April 2012 - Anneleen Blykers

April 20th 2012: 4th Symposium on Medical Radioisotopes

20120420 4th Symposium on Medical Radioisotopes - 20 April 2012 - Posteraward Catarina Xavier 250 euro

Catarina Xavier received the Poster Award with her poster ‘68Ga/111In-Labeled Nanobodies for PET/SPECT Imaging Of Antigen Expression’. Vicky Caveliers collected the prize on behalf of Catarina Xavier.