Past Events & Seminars

June 26th 2017: PhD Defense Kris Gillis
Kris Gillis defended his PhD. Congratulations Kris!

January 12th 2017: Francqui-Collen Inauguration Lecture Michael Zalutsky
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September 19th 2016: Seminar Dr. Arkadiusz Sitek (Philips Research, Cambridge, Massachusetts)

April 15th - 17th 2016: Teambuilding Weekend
During the third weekend of April the ICMI team went to the Netherlands for their second Teambuilding event!
Teambuilding 2016-18

July 3th-5th 2014: Tour of Hope
ICMI Brussels supported the fight against cancer by accepting the ‘Tour of Hope’ challenge to beat the Alpes (5 cols) in cooperation with the Stichting tegen Kanker. We would like to thank everybody who supported our VUBUZZ team!

March 31st 2014: PhD Dissertation Lode Goethals
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February 27th 2014: Seminar Xiaochuan Pan (Dept. of Radiology, University of Chicago)
Title: ‘Applications of optimization-based reconstruction algorithms to real data problems’


December 13th 2013: ICMI Christmas Event
The ICMI Team went to Antwerp for their Christmas Event.

P1140280 P1140278 P1140342

June 1st-2nd 2013: Teambuilding Weekend
During the first weekend of June the ICMI team went to Nieuwpoort for their first Teambuilding event: Sailing!
Team ICMI @ Teambuilding NieuwpoortP1120146P1120152P1120070P1120084P1120087P1120050P1120149P1120104P1110998P1120066P1120045

Februari 20th 2013: BEFY Symposium
PhD members of the BEFY group have present their scientific work at a one day symposium. They gave both poster and oral presentations for BEFY members and researchers of VUB and UZ Brussels.

December 14th 2012: ICMI Christmas Party


The ICMI Christmas Party was an event for the ICMI members and their research partners starting with a snackbar and a party to celebrate the new year.


May 11th 2012: TIRA Meeting Ghent - Collaboration VUB (ICMI) and UGent (Infinity Lab)

The Infinity Lab (UGent) organized a boottrip at Ghent as an unique location to give presentations of both Infinity Lab (UGent) and ICMI Lab (VUB). Presentations were given by:

  • Pieter Van Mierlo: ‘Imaging in the kainate model of epilepsy’ (UGent)
  • Karen Van Audenhaege: ‘Multi-pinhole brain SPECT’ (UGent)
  • Karel Deprez: ‘FlexiSPECT: A compact SPECT system with a high resolution detector and a loft hole collimator’ (UGent)
  • Tony Lahoutte: ‘Dual isotope imaging’ (VUB)

February 28th 2012: First EMIDS Task Force Meeting
kickoff meeting_04_

Since the end of 2011 an European Molecular Imaging Doctoral School funded by the European Union was started up by seven partner organizations in 5 different countries. The first task force meeting with the collaborating partners and one associated partner was held in Brussels (VUB) to start up the doctoral school:

  • Tony Lahoutte (Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Belgium)
  • Chris Van Schravendijk (Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Belgium)
  • Carlien Geldof (Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Belgium)
  • Vivienne Fardeau (Institut National des Sciences et Techniques Nucléaires (INSTN), France)
  • Marleen Vanhoye (Universiteit Antwerpen (UA), Belgium)
  • Silvio Aime (University of Torino (UNITO), Italy)
  • Brian Harvey (Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (RCSI), Ireland)
  • Ruth Dooley (Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (RCSI), Ireland)
  • Giannis Zacharakis (University of Crete (UoC), Greece)
  • Doris Kracht (European Society of Molecular Imaging (ESMI), Germany)

February 15th 2012: Affibody versus Nanobody Meeting VUB - Collaboration VUB (ICMI) and Upsala University Sweden

The ICMI lab invited Vladimir Tolmachev and Torbjorn Graslund to give a presentation about the use of affibodies and their research. Our lab gave a presentation about the use of nanobodies. The presentations were given by:

  • Vladimir Tolmachev & Torbjorn Graslund: ‘Improving imaging using scaffold proteins: How labeling can influence biodistribution of affibody molecules’ (Upsala University Sweden)
  • Nick Devoogdt: ‘Molecular imaging using nanobodies’ (VUB)

January 26th 2012: TIRA Meeting VUB - Collaboration VUB (ICMI) and UGent (Infinity Lab)

The TIRA (Translational Imaging Research Alliance) meeting was organized by the ICMI lab to discuss our collaboration between VUB (ICMI) and UGent (Infinity Lab). Presentations were given by:

  • Bert Vandeghinste: ‘Iterative CT reconstruction’ (UGent)
  • Benedicte Descamps: ‘Preclinical MRI’ (UGent)
  • Roel Van Holen: ‘SPECT detectors’ (UGent)
  • Michel Defrise: ‘Attenuation correction using emission TOF-PET data’ (VUB)
  • Christophe Cloquet: ‘First reconstructions with the BrightView X-CT’ (VUB)

December 15th 2011: ICMI Christmas Party

The ICMI Christmasparty was an event for the ICMI members and their research partners starting with cheese & wine and a party to celebrate the new year.

December 9th 2011: Scientific Research Committee Meeting

To evaluate the quality of our research we organized a Scientific Research Committee Meeting with an external independent Research Committee. Presentations were given by the members of the BEFY (Imaging and Physical Sciences) Cluster:


  • Tony Lahoutte: ‘Organisation BEFY’ & ‘Nuclear Medicine (NUGE)’
  • Vicky Caveliers & Nick Devoogdt: ‘In vivo Cellular and Molecular Imaging Lab (ICMI)’
  • Michel Defrise: ‘Image Reconstruction’
  • Mark De Ridder & Dirk Verellen: ‘Translational Radiation Oncology and Physics & Supportive Care (TROP)’
  • Johan De Mey: ‘Radiology (RADI)

Poster presentations were given by PhD students of the BEFY cluster.

P1040440 P1040583

Members of the Scientific Research Committee:

  • Prof Wolfgang Weber, Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging (Freiburg, Germany)
  • Prof Grant Gullberg, Image Reconstruction & Physics (Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, California, USA)
  • Prof Michael Zalutsky, Radiochemistry & Radionuclide Therapy (Duke University, North Carolina, USA)
  • Prof Vincenzo Valentini, Radiotherapy (Universita Cattolica S. Cuore of Rome, Italy)
  • Dr Hilde Revets, Nanobody Technology & Industry (Ablynx NV, Belgium)