November 20th 2017: Article ‘Camel blood to fight cancer? This VUB spin-off is getting amazing results’

November 17th 2017: Article ‘Kikkers gebruiken moleculen als micro-giftanden om roofdieren te vergiftigen’
ICMI contributes to the unraveling of how poisonous frogs defend themselves against attacking predators. Congratulations to the team of Prof. Kim Roelants with their Nature paper!

October 24th 2017: Interview Mens & Molecule: ‘Tumorcellen in zicht’

October 17th 2017: Article De Tijd: ‘Kanker bestrijden met elektrische fietsjes in het bloed’


May 13th 2017: Kom op tegen Kanker Grants 2017
Sophie Hernot, Matthias D’huyvetter & Marleen Keyaerts received a Kom op tegen Kanker Grant. Congratulations!

March 30th 2017: Interview Kanaal Z: ‘Lama-antistoffen in de strijd tegen kanker’

December 2016: National Geographic - Nuclear Lifeline

April 20th 2016: RTBF News ‘Camel-IDS: Cellules de lama pour soigner le cancer’

April 20th 2016: Fadila Laanan (PS), Secretary of State for the Brussels Region visits Camel-IDS

January 18th 2016:
Yana Dekempeneer received a Kom op Tegen Kanker Grant (Article: De Zemstenaar)
20160118 De Zemstenaar KOTK Yana Dekempeneer

December 26th 2015: Marleen Keyaerts received a Kom op Tegen Kanker Grant (Article: Het Nieuwsblad)
20151226 Het Nieuwsblad - Team K

November 28th 2015: Yana Dekempeneer received a Kom op Tegen Kanker Grant (Article: Het Nieuwsblad)
20151128 KOTK Yana Dekempeneer

April 20th 2015: Interview Kom op tegen Kanker
Sophie Hernot gave an interview about her research for Kom op tegen Kanker.

20150119 Fonds_Charcot_2015_b_0
January 19th 2015: Charcot Research Fund
Lode Goethals was awarded by the Charcot Research Fund. Congratulations Lode!

January 16th 2015: Aftermovie Tour of Hope
The VUBUZZ-team is very noticeable in the aftermovie of the ‘Tour of Hope’ event, which they use to announce the new event ‘Bike for Hope’.

December 4th 2014: Awarding Ceremony Stichting tegen Kanker Grants
Catarina Xavier (Research Project) and Lode Goethals (Senior Clinical Investigator Mandate) received a Stichting tegen Kanker Grant. Congratulations Catarina & Lode!

October 29th 2014: Tony Lahoutte gave an interview on ‘VTM Nieuws’ about the development of nanoparticles as a diagnostic tool for cancer

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October 23rd 2014: Tony Lahoutte received the Roger Van Geen Award

20141023 Roger Van Geen Award Tony Lahoutte

August 2nd 2012:
Article in Cancer Research
Schermafbeelding 2012-10-17 om 14.37.16
Schermafbeelding 2012-10-17 om 14.36.51
20120802 Nieuwe techniek maakt kankerbehandeling minder zwaar - HLN Krantenkop
20120802 Het Laatste Nieuws - Vlaamse profs maken bestraling bij kanker minder agressief (crop)

April 5th & 6th 2012:
Top Downloaded Article in Circulation Research
Nick Devoogdt gave an interview on Radio 1 about this article.
20120406 Het Laatste Nieuws - Dromedarissen Helpen bij onderzoek naar hartinfarct
20120405 Het Nieuwsblad - Wetenschappers schakelen dromedarissen in tegen hartinfarcten
20120406 Gazet van Antwerpen - Dromedaris helpt tegen hartinfarct
20120405 Belga (BE) - Wetenschappers schakelen dromedarissen in tegen hartinfarcten
20120405 Derniere Heure - Des dromadaires contre les infarctus
20120405 Le Vif Online - Des dromadaires pour lutter contre les infarctus
20120405 RTL Info - Des dromadaires pour lutter contre les infarctus?
20120405 Reformatorisch Dagblad (NL) - Dromedarissen helpen tegen hartinfarcten
Schermafbeelding 2012-06-05 om 10.03.18
20120405 Nano Patents and Innovations - Nanobodies can help prevent heart attacks

April 13th 2011:
Article in FASEB Journal
20110413 Science Daily - Tiny Antibody Fragments Raised in Camels Find Drug Targets in Human Breast Cancer Cells (Ilse Vaneycken) (Krantenkop)