March 30th 2017: Interview Kanaal Z: ‘Lama-antistoffen in de strijd tegen kanker’

December 2016: National Geographic - Nuclear Lifeline

April 20th 2016: RTBF News ‘Camel-IDS: Cellules de lama pour soigner le cancer’

April 20th 2016: Fadila Laanan (PS), Secretary of State for the Brussels Region visits Camel-IDS

January 18th 2016:
Yana Dekempeneer received a Kom op Tegen Kanker Grant (Article: De Zemstenaar)
20160118 De Zemstenaar KOTK Yana Dekempeneer

December 26th 2015: Marleen Keyaerts received a Kom op Tegen Kanker Grant (Article: Het Nieuwsblad)
20151226 Het Nieuwsblad - Team K

November 28th 2015: Yana Dekempeneer received a Kom op Tegen Kanker Grant (Article: Het Nieuwsblad)
20151128 KOTK Yana Dekempeneer

April 20th 2015: Interview Kom op tegen Kanker
Sophie Hernot gave an interview about her research for Kom op tegen Kanker.

20150119 Fonds_Charcot_2015_b_0
January 19th 2015: Charcot Research Fund
Lode Goethals was awarded by the Charcot Research Fund. Congratulations Lode!

January 16th 2015: Aftermovie Tour of Hope
The VUBUZZ-team is very noticeable in the aftermovie of the ‘Tour of Hope’ event, which they use to announce the new event ‘Bike for Hope’.

December 4th 2014: Awarding Ceremony Stichting tegen Kanker Grants
Catarina Xavier (Research Project) and Lode Goethals (Senior Clinical Investigator Mandate) received a Stichting tegen Kanker Grant. Congratulations Catarina & Lode!

October 29th 2014: Tony Lahoutte gave an interview on ‘VTM Nieuws’ about the development of nanoparticles as a diagnostic tool for cancer

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October 23rd 2014: Tony Lahoutte received the Roger Van Geen Award

20141023 Roger Van Geen Award Tony Lahoutte

August 2nd 2012:
Article in Cancer Research
Schermafbeelding 2012-10-17 om 14.37.16
Schermafbeelding 2012-10-17 om 14.36.51
20120802 Nieuwe techniek maakt kankerbehandeling minder zwaar - HLN Krantenkop
20120802 Het Laatste Nieuws - Vlaamse profs maken bestraling bij kanker minder agressief (crop)

April 5th & 6th 2012:
Top Downloaded Article in Circulation Research
Nick Devoogdt gave an interview on Radio 1 about this article.
20120406 Het Laatste Nieuws - Dromedarissen Helpen bij onderzoek naar hartinfarct
20120405 Het Nieuwsblad - Wetenschappers schakelen dromedarissen in tegen hartinfarcten
20120406 Gazet van Antwerpen - Dromedaris helpt tegen hartinfarct
20120405 Belga (BE) - Wetenschappers schakelen dromedarissen in tegen hartinfarcten
20120405 Derniere Heure - Des dromadaires contre les infarctus
20120405 Le Vif Online - Des dromadaires pour lutter contre les infarctus
20120405 RTL Info - Des dromadaires pour lutter contre les infarctus?
20120405 Reformatorisch Dagblad (NL) - Dromedarissen helpen tegen hartinfarcten
Schermafbeelding 2012-06-05 om 10.03.18
20120405 Nano Patents and Innovations - Nanobodies can help prevent heart attacks

April 13th 2011:
Article in FASEB Journal
20110413 Science Daily - Tiny Antibody Fragments Raised in Camels Find Drug Targets in Human Breast Cancer Cells (Ilse Vaneycken) (Krantenkop)