• FWO (Flanders funding), 2009-2010, 'Molecular imaging of HER2 expression on breast carcinoma using radiolabeled nanobodies'

  • FWO (Flanders funding), 2010-2014, 'Development of nanobody-based radiopharmaceuticals for cancer treatment'

  • GOA (University funding), 2010-2014, 'Nanobody Translational Molecular Imaging'

  • IAP (Belgian state funding), 2007-2011, 'Non invasive quantitative molecular imaging with applications for studying cellular processes in oncology and neurology'

  • Nationaal Kanker Plan (Belgian State funding), 'Clinical Translation of Radiolabeled Nanobodies for Improved Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer'

  • Stichting Tegen Kanker (Fundraising, Belgian State), 'Cancer Biomarker Imaging Platform'

  • HOA (University Funding), 2008-2012, 'Treatment of Multiple Myeloma in mice by RNA interference'

  • VLK Mandate Matthias D’huyvetter (Flemisch Funding), 2013-2014, ‘Nanobody-based radionuclide therapy for cancer treatment’
  • SBO (Flemish funding) ‘MIRIAD’, 2014-2017, ‘Molecular Imaging Research Initiative for Application in Drug Development’

  • FWO Senior Clinical Investigator Marleen Keyaerts, 2013-2018, ‘Visualizing immunosuppressive PD-L1 expression in tumors using anti-PD-L1 Nanobody PET-CT scan: A new strategy for accurate patient selection in targeted immune activating cancer therapy’

  • Stichting tegen Kanker Senor Clinical Investigator Lode Goethals, 2013-2018

  • FWO (Flanders Funding), ’Site-specific functionalization of nanobodies as probes for molecular imaging and therapy - Theranostic tool’

  • Stichting tegen Kanker (Belgian State Funding), ‘Clinical translation of 177Lu-anti-HER2 nano body for targeted radionuclide therapy of HER2 positive cancer’

  • FWO doctoral grant Jens De Vos, 2010-2013, 'Development of Nanobody-based tracers for molecular, non-invasive imaging of vulnerable atherosclerotic plaques'

  • FWO project, 2011-2014, 'Intravascular fluorescence life-time imaging of the vulnerable plaque'

  • GOA (University funding), 2010-2013, 'Nanobody Translational Molecular Imaging'

  • IAP (Belgian state funding), 2007-2011, 'Imaging'

  • FP7 (european funding) project 'BetaImage', 2008-2012, coordinated by Prof Martin Gotthard (Univ Nijmegen)

  • FWO doctoral grant Sam Massa, 2011-2014, 'Development of Nanobody-based probes for pancreatic beta cell mass imaging'

  • SBO (flemish funding) 'Inflammatrack', 2008-2012, ' Novel macrophage and myeloid dendritic cell markers for in vivo imaging and therapy of inflammatory diseases'

  • Vlaamse Liga tegen Kanker (fundraising, federal), 2011-2014, '18F-Nanobody-mediated molecular imaging of MMRhigh tumor-associated macrophage subtypes as surrogate markers for tumor hypoxia and as tools for prognosis and therapy monitoring'

  • HOA (University funding), 2007-2010, 'In vivo visulaization of dendritic cell migration and nanobody targeting in small animals using multimodality imaging: SPECT-CT-opical'

  • Nationaal Kanker Plan (Belgian State funding), 'Clinical Translation of stromal macrophage Nanobodies for tumor hypoxia imaging'

Stategic Research Plan
  • IOF (University funding) Camel-IDS, 2013-2015, ‘Nanobody-based bio-imaging of myeloid cells in inflammation and cancer’

  • Hercules Large Scale Research Infrastructure, 2014, ‘Quantitative Molecular Imaging Platform (Q-MIP)’
  • Hercules Medium Sized Research Infrastructure, 2014, ‘BioLuminescence Imaging Platform (BLIP)’