Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry

Team Vicky

  • Vicky Caveliers, Radiopharmacist, PhD
  • Catarina Xavier, Radiochemist, PhD
  • Ilse Vaneycken, Biomedical scientist, PhD
  • Matthias d’Huyvetter, Biomedical scientist, PhD
  • Anneleen Blykers, Pharmacist, Doctoral Student

Our research activities are mainly focussed on the radiolabeling of single chain camelid antibody fragments, called nanobodies, in order to use them as targeted probes for molecular imaging and therapy.

Nanobodies have been radiolabeled with
- 99mTc via tricarbonyl chemistry
- 68Ga, 111In, 177Lu via different bifunctional chelators
- 18F

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