Translational Research

Research team:
  • Prof. Tony Lahoutte, MD, PhD
  • Marleen Keyaerts, MD, PhD
  • Lode Goethals, MD, PhD

Research projects:

The aim of this research team is translate new molecular imaging tracers and modalities into clinical applications. This process initiates very early, with the choice of compounds and production modes that will allow approval of the lead compound for injection in human subjects.

Once the lead compound is selected, a wide array of quality and toxicity tests has to provide proof for a safe translation into patients. With the agreement of the authorities and the ethical committee of the institution, a phase 1 clinical trial can than be performed.

Currently, a clinical phase 1 trial using gallium-68-labeled nanobodies is being conducted in the university hospital of the VUB. Other promising nanobodies have been identified as future candidates.

These projects are performed in collaboration with

  • Department of nuclear medicine, UZ Brussel
Em. Prof. Axel Bossuyt, MD, PhD
Prof. Tony Lahoutte, MD, PhD
Prof. Hendrik Everaert, MD, PhD
Gaetane Ceulemans, MD
  • Cellular and Molecular Immunology Lab (CMIM)
Prof. Serge Muyldermans, PhD
Prof. Jo Van Ginderachter, PhD
Prof. Patrick De Baetselier, PhD
Prof. Geert Raes, PhD
Prof. Nick Devoogdt, PhD
Cecile Vincke, PhD
Steve Schoonooghe, PhD